late ascent

By: snowgood

Oct 04 2016

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Category: Cycling, South Downs Way

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

After the rain on the South Downs and falling off my bike seven times on Friday I made my way to South Downs Bikes.

In next to no time they’d taken off my Bontrager XR1 tyres (best for the summer) and replaced them with XR3s.

What a chavtastic name for a tyre! Has the brand manager never heard of fast Ford Escorts with that name?

Anyhow, I was itching to try them out, so last night I made my usual 1 hour 7 minute climb out of Goring, and up to Chantry Post.

The bike seemed to grip better, which was good as the daylight was gone shortly after half distance.

On the way up via Long Furlong Farm I was quite surprised by the hooting Tawny Owls, with just a few trees for shelter and acres fields as their “patch”.

I’d have thought they’d prefer woods.

As I climbed up higher I was surprised again, two substantial flocks of (red legged) partridge climbed upwards as I approached.

I’d imagined I might disturb Pheasants, but there was none of their distinctive alarm call and cacophony.

Higher still I disturbed two rats, and one rabbit.

The picture was taken 20 minutes before I reached the top, later shots are devoid of any detail.




One comment on “late ascent”

  1. Oh excellent photo. I am really looking forward to your blogs when I’m in Angola : seeing and hearing ant a bit o Blighty when away in far flung lands, means a lot. Glad you got yer new supa dupa tires on, imagine slipping all dem times – am really rather Hopi g you dint have a cross bar!!!!!


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