Perspiration Filter

By: snowgood

Oct 01 2016

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Category: adventure, Cycling, South Downs Way, Sussex


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Excuse the hazy nature of this photo.

When I’m on the mountain bike I travel light, and my only camera is an iPhone slipped into a pocket on cycling jersey.

I often forget that a stiff climb = sweaty back = perspiration = hazy photo.

Thus the shot here looking back across Amberley towards Rackham Hill isn’t one of my best.

Nevertheless I think it’s worth showing, especially as it reminds me of the 7th time I fell off on this particular ride.

After the rains the chalk became particularly slippy, and when hauling myself up steep hills the back wheel would suddenly lose traction.

Now that I’m riding with clip on mountain bike shoes I’m basically locked into the bike. So a loss of traction = a fall.

I think it’s worth the inconvenience as flat pedals for all terrain biking simply spin your feet off the bike, and result in steel hitting the back of your calf.

The good news was that at the top of this particular track we’d reached our most westerly point on the ride.

Less than a mile away was a glorious hill from Whiteways Lodge all the way down to Arundel.

By the time I’d reached the turning for the top off the town I was hitting 36 mph, and a few minutes later we were relaxing at the pub with our refreshment.



4 comments on “Perspiration Filter”

  1. Wonderful! A great ending to a glorious day!

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