“good manners don’t cost nothing”

By: snowgood

Oct 01 2016

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Category: Cycling, people


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

Out on the bike I come across all manner of people.

Motorists, dog walkers, ramblers and other cyclists.

The one’s that get my goat are those that are just plain rude.

I always offer a cheery good morning (or afternoon) as we considerately pass people on the tracks and byways.

This miserable couple didn’t respond or even make eye contact when I said hello.

What’s happening in society that makes people so rude?

Another song came to mind, Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”.

Us and them
And after all we’re only ordinary men.
Me and you
God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do.

‘Forward’ he cried from the rear
And the front rank died.
The general is sat and the lines on the map
Move from side to side.

Black and blue
And who knows which is which and who is who.
Up and down
And in the end it’s only round and round. And round.

‘Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words’
The poster bearer cried.
‘Listen son’ said the man with the gun,
‘There’s room for you inside.’

“Well I mean, they’re gonna kill ya, so like, if you give ’em a quick sh…short, sharp shock, they don’t do it again. Dig it? I mean he got off light, ’cause I coulda given ‘im a thrashin’ but I only hit him once. It’s only the difference between right and wrong innit? I mean good manners don’t cost nothing do they, eh?”

Down and out 
It can’t be helped but there’s a lot of it about. 
With, without. 
And who’ll deny it’s what the fighting’s all about? 

Out of the way, it’s a busy day 
I’ve got things on my mind. 
For want of the price of tea and a slice 
The old man died.

That’s Steep Down in the distance, by now our bike ride had extended beyond Findon.

We were about to head North towards Chanconbury Ring.


3 comments on ““good manners don’t cost nothing””

  1. Pink Floyd. Fantastic. Going to listen to Dark Side now.

    • Good move – pity they mocked God when the Album “Animals” came out – for me they hit the pinnacle with Wish you Were Here – and then fell off a cliff!

  2. We have neighbors like that. Discovered one chap was on the lam. The other folks are often in trouble with the authorities, they don’t want to play nice.

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