Loving God

By: snowgood

Sep 26 2016

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Category: Failure, Faith, GOD, Politics


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We were back in Worthing at the weekend, and the sun was shining.

Roz suggested we go sit on the beach.

Er, yes – but then what?

All my books were back home, and I’d read my magazines.

I trawled the last few shelves in Whyee’s home for anything that might be vaguely interesting.

Then I found this, a superb book by one of the infamous Watergate men, Chuck Colson.

God used this one man’s breaking point to be the foundation of something great.

From the dizzy heights of the U.S. political system Chuck Colson was brought face to face with the lowest of the low – prisoners and offenders in Maxwell Correctional Facility (Prison) in Alabama.

After reading this Charles Colson’s third book I hope to seek out a few more, as this one was superbly crafted.

The bottom line is that those of us who call ourselves Christian’s need to learn to obey Christ’s teachings if we are to truly Love God.

A book on obedience – how popular is that concept amongst the congregations of the first world?






2 comments on “Loving God”

  1. I heard him on the radio when working in the US six years ago and as a consequence bought one of his books – never got round to reading it. I will try and move it up the book pile.

  2. Hey man. This is encouraging. God bless you! 🙂

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