early riser

By: snowgood

Sep 04 2016

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Category: Cycling


Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6s

We had heavy rain here yesterday evening, so my planned cycle ride never happened.

Today we’re dry, but overcast.

I was on my bike by 7:30 and bouncing along through the rock pools by 8:00am.

Eight miles in strong winds, and it took half an hour to clean off all the sand when I got back.

Here’s Worthing Pier from the east.

Highlights of the trip were seeing Turnstone and numerous other small waders, and watching the mileometer hit 700 at the half way point.




2 comments on “early riser”

  1. This is good…..wow, lots of cycling…all that beauty and tranquility, sights seem and views appreciated, prayers of thanksgiving and worship uttered and calories burned and endorphins released! Trust today has been a goooooday!

    We looked at Little Zach climbing the tree at church today. Felt inspired to buy our first portugues Bible (first purchase of anything in portugues for that matter) …a little paperback that we could actually read. Well some of it. M the worship was good too…they kindly sang somgs about ten times over so we got the hang of the tune lol….more importantly we got the meaning of all the words and also was able to sense something of what God was saying through them…….never underestimate the power of repetition eh ( however much we often don’t appreciate it droning on and on in our own lingo lol).

    Did you have any church? X


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