re-run, coast to home.

By: snowgood

Aug 26 2016

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Eagle eyed readers will notice I’ve been here before.

Last time out the bike was blue, high spec., and on loan.

This time the Trek SuperFly is “mid spec.” and an addition to my garage.

To save pennies I ditched the carbon fibre forks, and seat stem and ended up with something far more comfortable.

Last night I finished work in Worthing, and at 5:20pm started the long ride home.

Just back down the track at Steyning I chatted to Peter who was out on his bike.

As a semi-retired physio he has dealt with many people with sports injuries.  It was great to have some company for the middle stint of my ride home.

We probably covered 12 miles together.

At the end Peter pointed out I’d do my self a favour if I pedalled more quickly in lower gears, and kept up my cadence.

Grinding out high gears is a first class recipe for knackering your knees! Guess what?

It is my knees that complain the most after a long ride…his advice seemed well judged.

One comment on “re-run, coast to home.”

  1. I really need to dust my bike off and get out and about again.

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