The Monarch’s Way

By: snowgood

Aug 16 2016

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Last Wednesday I intended to loop back from Houghton through Arundel, and then head towards Angmering.

Ooops, my left hand turning to cut off a corner of the A27 went horribly wrong.

By the time I realised I’d taken the wrong left hand turning I was in Burpham on the wrong side of a nasty ridge.

What followed next was a hideously tough slog up a concrete track with the sun blazing down on my weary frame.

Thankfully for every climb there’s also a descent.

Carefully deciphering my OS Map (casual glances having caused my mistake) I soon found myself on “The Monarch’s Way”.

I was all alone pressing on through an avenue of beech trees, and then on into dense woodland.

To think that this was the very route once used by Charles II as he’d “hit a spot of bother”.

Further on I found myself cycling straight towards a Fallow Deer sporting an impressive set of antlers.  As I got closer the buck kept looking at me, before turning and bouncing away like “Tigger”.

Once he’d made his move another dark Buck with a similar headset leapt across the track.

Not much later I dropped into Patching, before heading South West to the edge of Roundstone, and on to Goring.

Thirty Six gruelling miles, but a worthwhile adventure.




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