Arundel Castle – in the garden

By: snowgood

Aug 09 2016

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Category: Fauna, Flowers, Photography

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Walking around the grounds of Arundel Castle one could help noticing that the majority of visitors weren’t from England.

We saw Germans, Americans, Italians, and French folk lapping up the history and helping our nation’s balance of payments.

My favourite visitors were insects, foraging for food, sucking up the nectar and serving up a great diversity of life which is often absent in many commercial gardens.

The gardeners here don’t use pesticides, and they leave drifts of natural flora to which may (perhaps) resemble what was found here during The Middle Ages.

Hands up. I admit I’ve boosted the colours in this shot. If you look closely you can see this bee has had a hard life, his wings are far from perfect.


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