Maybridge Community Church (Watch)

By: snowgood

Aug 07 2016

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Welcome (for visitors) –          3

Worship (for the Lord) –          2

Word (for the Saints/Lost) –    5

Mission (for the Lost)         –     3

Passion (for the Lord)         –     3

Here we are it’s Sunday again.

One time more, one time less until Jesus comes.

Whilst we are in Worthing we thought we’d take the chance to try somewhere different.

Much to my surprise I found there’s a youthful church right here in Goring.

We are just 5 minutes walk away, and made it to the 10:30 service which is held in nearby Chatsworth Catholic School.

Top marks to the guy in the car park who gave us a cheery welcome, but nobody inside hooked up with us as we took our seats.

One of the leaders asked folk to talk to their neighbours, but we were blanked by two people and only got a few words out of a single lady behind us.

The main speaker spoke from Luke 18: 9-14, and was first class.  I had a quiet inward laugh as she spoke about how the Pharisee seemed to think he was doing God a favour by praying.

Early in the service the simplistic worship songs seemed just like that, we were doing God a favour by choosing to follow him!

Would we go again?

Possibly, but with the appeals for extra help setting up and putting out equipment I felt like I’d be transported back to Chudleigh Baptist!

If something’s becoming a burden perhaps it’s time to change the way we “do church”?



3 comments on “Maybridge Community Church (Watch)”

  1. oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more about the ‘burden’ part. Why are churches so bent on activities? I may be off on this, maybe that isn’t what you are referring to, or maybe it’s just me. ‘Do church’… I think ‘church’ could be so simple, but today it seems more like an organization; committees, meetings, etc.

    • Hello Joy. The problem arises from trying to run the venue as if it were a permanent fixture, when it is in fact a hired facility. Thus every week all the chairs, sound and Av equipment, plus all “the band’s kit” has to be shipped into place and then taken away again. I’d rather hear a good message from a pulpit (with a loud haler/bull horn) and unaccompanied hymns than hear a sermon with PowerPoint and a huge supporting cast to make the “show” more appealing….I must be getting old! As for committees and endless meetings…don’t get me started! Wheel out my hobby horse…..

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