Road sign artistry

By: snowgood

Aug 01 2016

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Category: adventure, Cycling


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

All of a sudden the cycle route popped me out on to a road i use to “beat the traffic” when I’m heading into the office.

Funny how at 30 mph in a tin box you can’t properly appreciate your surroundings.

I mean, just look at the beauty and craftsmanship that went into this road sign.

There were several en route to Crawley Down, but many were incomplete.

As I stood here drinking it all in a fellow cyclist sped up the road, “All right mate?” came his call.

“Fine thanks”.

If I’d had a problem with the bike he’d have stopped and given me a hand.

I love the sense of camaraderie from the cycling fraternity.

Along my route I’d heard both Great Spotted and Green woodpeckers, but the female bullfinch that darted out in front of me gave me the most pleasure.

It wasn’t until some time after I took this photo that it dawned on me as to why i was finding the going tough.

I’d been steadily gaining altitude, and it was so hot.

Five hours after my start, and after approximately 40 miles in the saddle I made it home.

Ironically the most enjoyable part of the ride was the wooded stretches around the end of the M23 and on the periphery of Maidenbower.

I’m thankful I managed to get home with just one break.

Although I’m staggered that I needed 11 hours sleep to recover.

In effect this long ride home wasn’t a bike test at all.

I was really testing myself.

The bike would cost £2800 when new (the £1800 reflects it being an ex demo).

I made it, but surely I should have felt stronger at the end?




2 comments on “Road sign artistry”

  1. Did you purchase this bike? I thought you were just trying it out. I just love the charm of the town names.

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