Church Watch – Goring Methodist

By: snowgood

Jul 18 2016

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Here we are back at “Church Watch” a look at the merits and de-merits of the Church congregations of this fair land.

The review here was taken at a  recent “Family Service”.

We arrived and got a warm welcome from a young girl and her Mum, and then took a notice sheet from another “welcomer”.

There was a mixture of worship songs, with 2 musicians on stage doing a good job.

Many of the choruses had an emphasis on “us” rather than revelling in the wonder of The Lord.

A young teenage girl read one passage of scripture, and an elderly gent gave a reading as well.  Both were clear and honoured The Lord.

Sadly the minister who was tailing about the wise and foolish builder spent too much time on silly games and metaphors.

I got the impression that she was a sincere believer, but there was no weight to the message.  Nothing to challenge or inspire the listener for the week ahead.

We also heard about the merging of “circuits” as numbers dwindle – an all too familiar trend.

Lightweight messages amongst like minded people simply don’t cut the mustard these days.

I left having learnt that you motorists in Portugal must wear a shirt, and can’t drive in flip flops.


Surely there’s something more powerful in Matthew 7, and Luke 6 than a bit of trivia?

Goring by Sea, Methodist Church

Welcome (for visitors) –          5

Worship (for the Lord) –          3

Word (for the Saints/Lost) –   2

Mission (for the Lost)         –     1

Passion (for the Lord)         –     3


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