Church Watch (Tarring Road)

By: snowgood

Jul 10 2016

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As we consider moving to a new area I’ve been making a point of popping along to various Worthing Churches.

Whilst this particular blog post is within my Snowgood website, it has occurred to me that there is no “Tripadvisor” for folk seeking a place to worship.

I’ve thought about filling that gap for months, and this is a tentative first step in addressing that “gap in the market”.

The Bible teaches that the Church is the whole family of believers, rather than a building

The title “Church Watch” is a light hearted pun, based upon the BBC’s Spring Watch, rather than the rotas designed to keep church property safe.

Church Watch No.1,is based upon certain parameters so that the “church goer” can see the salient points rather than read subjective waffle.

Here’s what I believe are key elements to a good local “church”.

Welcome,Worship, Word, Mission, Passion with a possible 5 stars per category.

Tarring Road, Gospel Hall, Worthing

Welcome (for visitors) –         5

Worship (for the Lord) –         4

Word (for the Saints/Lost) –   2

Mission (for the Lost)         –     1

Passion (for the Lord)         –     4


The Gospel Hall in Worthing has routes that go back to The Plymouth Brethren.

A casual visitor may struggle, as the worship is rather formal.

The Gospel was preached from three passages of scripture.

It would be difficult for the unchurched to connect with the message.

There was no evidence of intentional mission to the lost other than a sign above the main door heralding “The Gospel at 6:30pm every Sunday”.

The Brethren were always first rate at hospitality, and I was delighted to join a few of them for a meal in their home after the service.






2 comments on “Church Watch (Tarring Road)”

  1. There is Ship of Fools – but your report is more concise than most of theirs.

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