English Martyrs – Goring

By: snowgood

Jul 03 2016

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Category: Architecture, ART, Christianity, Church, Faith


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The English Martyrs Catholic Church here in Worthing has a unique claim to fame.

The entire ceiling is a two thirds size replica of Michael Angelo’s work at the Sistine Chapel. Others have taken better pictures than me, so check out the images here.




I’d been tipped off that The English Martyrs was worth a visit.

By sheer accident we happened to be cycling by when a bus load of trippers arrived from Eastbourne. so rather than being left to our own devices we were treated to a captivating talk about the history of the church, and of course the world renowned ceiling.

I thought the lovely lady who spoke to us was first rate, a voice of calm, but she didn’t just impart a history lesson she also gently shared the Gospel message portrayed in the images.

The artwork will appeal to many, but for me the talk and stained glass windows were the stand out aspects of this amazing place. How anyone could create such a fresco in 5 and half years of spare time whilst holding down a job I just don’t know.

Well done Gary Bevans.

2 comments on “English Martyrs – Goring”

  1. But who were the people that were martyred?

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