Chichester Bus Station

By: snowgood

Jul 01 2016


Category: adventure, Cycling


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Leaving the lovely church behind me I was delighted to find a Black Swan and a screeching tern at Chichester Marina.

It’s a bit of a misnomer, as it’s miles from the city, and awesome amount of fancy boats moored up.

Out on the water youngsters were being trained to sail whilst a guy on an inflatable barked out orders.

I totally lost track of the official cycle route about a mile from the hideous Chichester by-pass which simply cannot cope with the busy A27 traffic, and the city centre feeder roads.

Did I dare risk it, and try and legitimately cross at roundabout or use the “No Cycling” footbridge to my right?

I’m still alive, so I’ll let you guess on that one.

Once I’d despatched with the busy traffic I found the upper reaches of Chichester Canal, and the rather grim Bus Station.  Why are bus stations always so depressing?

They’re invariably old and shabby, and designed so that buses have to reverse after taking their fares on board.  Even so, I find the grimness strangely attractive.

By now it was nearly 7pm, and I’d got “fresh legs” and was not at all bothered that I still had 19 miles to go before getting back to Goring.

At McDonalds I met another keen cyclist and exchanged notes, after my cheap repast I was hurtling along the broad A27 towards Arundel.

Just prior to Fontwell I hung a right, and took the back roads home.

The bike was in the garage by 10pm, and I was truly chuffed to have cycled 82 miles in one day.

That’s way beyond anything I ever achieved in my youth.

I climbed into my bed a very happy man.




3 comments on “Chichester Bus Station”

  1. 82 miles! Not bad. Don’t think I ever covered more than 30 at a time in my youth. Good point about bus stations. Not sure why they are such miserable places.

  2. Love it! I’m impressed! Not bad for an ‘old’ chap such as yourself. 😉 Was just reading on the St.Nicholas Church/West Itchenor site that road work is soon to start on the A27. I’ve enjoyed the photos of your trip.

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