oops – wrong turning

By: snowgood

Jun 29 2016

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Category: Cycling


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Leaving the mystery Renault man behind I headed off on the “National Cycle Route 2” hoping to reach West Wittering before looping back to Worthing.

I can’t say I enjoyed this next part of the journey. I’d not found anywhere selling a local OS map, and harboured a notion that I could ride on the coastline between Selsey and East Wittering.

Pedalling down twisty B roads with a bus or large lorry hovering behind my rear was not scary, but neither was it a pleasure.

I recognised a side road we’d taken in the car a few weeks back and wiggled my way towards Selsey Bill.

Feeling rather knackered, and with an iron will that meant I’d not even stopped for a coffee in 4 hours cycling the Crab & Lobster Inn was a welcome sight.

The girls inside knew all about customer service, and the chef knew how to cook.


Suitably revitalised I hopped back onto my bike, and then wiggled around a narrow path beside Pagham Harbour.

I paid a brief visit to the RSPB visitor centre were a grumpy volunteer didn’t acknowledge me entering the room.  Stuff him – I was going to pay my 2016 membership subs due in July.

Back in the saddle I pushed against the wind and reached Selsey Bill – with no apparent short cut to East Wittering. Doh!

I spotted a school teacher who was leaving  local primary school, and she tipped me off for a suitably off piste route to the Witterings.

Guess who felt a right charlie heading back towards Sidlesham? I’d been here earlier.

Having said that the glimpse of the Isle of Wight of Selsey Bill had been quite satisfying.






3 comments on “oops – wrong turning”

  1. Beautiful view, very peaceful. The Crab & Lobster is very nice!

  2. two wheels is the only way!

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