Made it!

By: snowgood

Jun 29 2016

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Category: adventure, Cycling


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Judge for yourself whether my 49 mile outward bound journey was worth it.

I was tired, but still had enough steam to carry on further than intended.

Having ridden along the shoreline I decided to keep pedalling until the end of the car park.

Aha! There’s more than I realised.

East Head stretches out still further creating a fascinating little peninsula in the Solent, which is much used by local dog walkers.

I kept cycling as far as I could, eventually halting on the northerly edge of Stockers Lake. Beneath my feet were thousands of little sea shells.

This particular spot resembled Dawlish Warren, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Would my legs hold out?

My next goal was Chichester, where I’d get the chance to take a train back and avoid a further 20 miles in the saddle.

Before I could even consider that luxury there was the not inconsequential matter of a further 12 miles, much of it following the Salterns Way.

I was particularly thankful for the lady in the Lucy Armstrong Cafe in East Wittering who’d tipped me off about this delightful route away from the busy road.

(Before you think I was being greedy I only stopped for a refreshing drink, the meal at the Carb & Lobster was quite sufficient until tea-time).






2 comments on “Made it!”

  1. Quite the accomplishment! What satisfaction on completing a fun ride.

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