Thank you Mr.Cameron

By: snowgood

Jun 24 2016


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Yesterday Britain  was gloomy, with flooding causing chaos all around the capital.

Today the sun is shining, and things seem better.

I didn’t stay up to watch the election results, and my district has voted to stay in the EU.

However I am numbered amongst those who chose to LEAVE the EU.

I’m thankful to David Cameron for letting the people have their say.

Now it’s time to have a new face in No.10.

Somebody who believes in self government.

Somebody with a progressive mind set.

I wonder when the dominoes in Europe will fall.



2 comments on “Thank you Mr.Cameron”

  1. Been reading about it. Tony Blair seems to be predicting gloom and doom.

    • He’s a smart chap, but I trust his judgement on what is best for the nation less than I trust David Cameron’s. Mr.Blair is a great orator, and amassed a vast personal fortune having been PM – but I’m convinced his outlook is only for the short term.

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