Brexit (a personal reflection)

By: snowgood

Jun 24 2016

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After a day in the office, a ride around Worthing, and a walk to the beach I’ve been reflecting on today’s news.

I’d wanted to have my say in EU debate, and I’m delighted that Mr.Cameron gave us this opportunity.  Too many political promises are broken, but this pledge was kept.

I was ready to accept the outcome, whichever way it went.

What saddens me is that the arguments seem to largely revolve on what’s best for the economy and our wealth.

As I pedalled against the headwind I wondered if we would be happier nation if we all rode bicycles, and made less use of the motor car.

Then the thought hit me. What if we stopped measuring GDP, and became less fixated on rising house prices and instead measured National Happiness!

Sounds crazy?

Well it already happens in Bhutan, a small Asian country that recognises that perils of becoming obsessed by material things.

So what if we have to make cut backs? If we can’t live quite so cheaply, or that house prices tumble?

Will it be that bad?  Will we accelerate towards oblivion or austerity on a third world scale?

I doubt it.

Will we take a short term hit, or one that last years?


I believe this is a price worth paying if we can once again have a say in how we run the nation, and hold the decision makers (the members of parliament) accountable.

There’s a sense of despair amongst the Remain camp, which appears to be a fear of the unknown.

Is it a reflection of a people who don’t place their trust in a Living God?

A nation that worships the God of materialism?

Could this period of uncertainty draw the nation back to Jesus?

Think on the words of the apostle.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8






4 comments on “Brexit (a personal reflection)”

  1. Wot! No new Volvo ;0) Lol Good blog, here here!


  2. No more lukewarmness towards God! Thinking that material things can satisfy. God set the boundaries of nations for a reason. He calls us to have our roots go down deep into the rich soil of his love. He is calling the church of Great Britain to rise in worship and intercession for her nation!

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