Hot Potato

By: snowgood

Jun 23 2016

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I’ve waited for this day for years.

At last my voice counts.

During the last 18 years my personal fortunes have been linked to a European company based in Belgium.

During the last three years I’ve been directly employed by that company.

So perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that I voted “out”.

Sitting in a cafe today I was shocked to discover some of my views are shared by the editorial team at The Daily Mail (my least favourite newspaper).

Today is also the day the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has asked me to subscribe as a member for one more year.

At sundry times during my married life I’ve been a member, I’ve even been an unpaid fundraiser, enjoying very few benefits.

I’ve also watched them drift away from caring for birds, and become more centred on their own organisation and lobbying than caring for the U.K. wildlife.

Several years back my view from “inside the volunteering arm”led me to resign my membership.

Back in 2015 I decided to join again, and they made that process relatively uncomfortable.

But surely any club should allow members to come and go?  By resigning I was unable to take part in volunteer away days, and I lost my “free” use of certain bird hides.

Of course they were happy to have my money when i rejoined.

Isn’t this the way any club should operate?  People are free to come and go.

So why do those Germans, and Europeans mimic the sabre rattling of Putin just because the British people are considering taking their ball away?

It beats me, or does it?

Are they simply a corrupt bunch of bullies?

And what’s so wrong with wanting to run your own show?

I’ll say here and now that we need Europeans, otherwise the U.K. service sector would grind to halt.

Leaving the EU wouldn’t mean we couldn’t let all manner of Europeans onto our overcrowded island.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

If we stay “IN” I can’t see it lasting.

The euro isn’t exactly robust, and moulding a variety of ideologies and races into one big pot simply won’t work – unless we all become German!

I don’t buy in to the idea that we can change it from within either, the truth is our straw man leader isn’t going to negotiate any special deal.

Hey Ho.  If we stay in I’m sure the EU will crumble one day soon.

P.S. Why does “The Mail” have to be so sensationalist?





One comment on “Hot Potato”

  1. Interesting. I’m not informed enough to make much more of a comment than that, but I do understand the idea and desire for sovereignty as you pointed out in an earlier post. Lies and deceit abound these days, hard to know who is telling the truth. Your points seem very logical and valid. I will be watching the outcome.

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