view from the West Beach

By: snowgood

Jun 22 2016

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Work gets in the way of LIFE.

Yesterday I got back from work at 7:30pm and then have to prepare my meal, eat, wash up and then hop on my bike for a bit of fun.

I wasn’t sure how far I’d get, and would have been happy with a 7 mile “cruise” to rack up 300 miles on the odometer.

That was until a Size 8 lady zoomed passed on a lightweight racer.

Could I match her pace? Not really, but by the time I lost sight of her winking tail light I was virtually in Littlehampton.

What a treat, wafting along the promenade with hardly a soul in sight.

Perhaps I should cross the Arun and see what goes on over the West Beach.

Not much after 9:30 pm on a Tuesday night!

A couple of lads were flying a drone above the dunes, other than that I had the West Beach to myself.

My Fat Frank tyres gave me just enough purchase to cycle on the sand, and set up a few photos behind this substantial timber construction which masks a deep channel.

I envied a couple of guys on a small yacht that sailed in on the tide, with barely any light left in the dusky sky.

Eventually I racked up 15 miles, and loved every minute.




3 comments on “view from the West Beach”

  1. 15 miles on fat franks is pretty darn good, esp after a long day and chores at “home” …soon you’ll be able to double and triple that on your jollyhollidayz with roz!! Well done you, helps de stress and keep the ol ticker pumping happily!


  2. Envious! I miss the sea. I’m in Cardiff today looking after our grandson overnight, but I haven’t made it down to the bay.

    • I’d like to look around Cardiff Bay sometime, but my trips are too brief. I can vouch for the healing qualities of a ride or walk by the sea.

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