not forgetting …

One young boy sits playing with a model crane.

Not much special about that you might say, but you’d be wrong.

It didn’t get much publicity, but last Thursday Elijah had his last operation since his trials with leukaemia.

The bandage beneath his shirt is covering the wound left where his Hickman Line was taken out.

The Biggs and Zietsma family have been there for this little boy since his the end of November 2012.

He’s no longer on chemo, he’s in the clear.

Okay, so the Health Visitor still popped in today to check his blood, but this is the normal procedure.

Three and a half years since the mystery illness flared up, faded and came to knock our world upside down.

Here he is, a smart little chap.  How he managed to get through so much pain with such a bright spirit I may never know.

For all of you who prayed. Thanks.

For all of you who paid National Insurance. Thanks.

For all the medics, doctors, and hospital staff. Thanks.

Whether you bought us Krispy Kreme donuts, sent Nancy texts, or took over Joe’s work whilst he was in GOSH. Thanks.

What’s next?

Primary School in a few months, and hopefully many years without emergency trips to East Surrey Hospital.

Having reviewed those early blogs, and shed a few tears, may I thank you all for being with us through this journey.

Grandad is reminded of the words in the last chapter of Job.

The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life

more than the former part.

Job 42:12

We trust the same will be true for Elijah, and may the emotional bumps and bruises we’ve suffered along the way heal and keep us close to The Lord.









3 comments on “not forgetting …”

  1. Amen!!! How we love this boy xx

  2. Before I even read your text I looked at him and thought about all he has been through (the entire family too). I didn’t know it had been that long ago. I’ll always remember one of the photos you took of Roz early in this trial as she was walking and thinking, her back to the camera. All the world seemed upon her shoulders. I felt her sorrow and fears. So happy for all your family, and I know fighting the illness of a loved one is a ‘family affair’. Praise God for His care and love for all of you through that difficult time.

    • Joy, thanks for being with us along the way. These trials are front end loaded in the public eye, and back end loaded for those involved. we hope to embrace normality soon…

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