80th Birthday (Part 2)

By: snowgood

Jun 12 2016

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The birthday “party” left The Bell and drove on to South Godstone.

There we caught up with Rob who is now in full time care.

He was on fine form, and delighted to see the entourage before tucking into the home-made birthday cake.

I was thrilled that he went around the room, shook a few hands and started to name us one by one before sitting down to a cup of tea.

Top marks to Luke and Emily who sat down with a fellow resident giving him a piece of cake, and letting him share in our special day.





3 comments on “80th Birthday (Part 2)”

  1. It’s nice to be remember on one’s special occasions, and that was very kind of Luke and Emily. I am sure it ministered to the man’s soul. You have a very nice family.

  2. Awww…lovely blog and super piccie with you next to that lovely smiley Alice ( she obviously had her fathers portion too by the look of him!) Next to Vron are three lads faces whose names I mix up…. Am assuming the lighter shirt chappie is Luke standing next to Emily…his fiancé he is with?! Does Rob remember his wife….and is nice n gentle with her in public one presumes…

  3. Thanks, it was a lovely day. Back Row – Left to Right. Stephen, Alice, V’ron, Luke, Ed & Emily, Tristan (an accountant in the audit arena) Roz, Seated – Left to right – Rob, Priscilla, and David. Yes, Rob still knows Priscilla, and on a good day all the rest of us too.

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