1 Timothy 6:6

By: snowgood

Jun 11 2016

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Life can be full of surprises, and by their very nature these are difficult to predict.

I’d never have guessed what a treat it is to visit Roz’s auntie who is in a Care Home on the south coast.

Several times a week I hop on my bike, and spend about an hour with someone who’s always delighted to see me, and always seems 100% content.

Whyee has followed The Lord since she was a young girl, and has always been content.

The fact that she can no longer walk, and needs around the clock care hasn’t dented her contentment.

On the suggestion of my youngest son I’ve taken to reading a chapter from the New Testament when I visit.

Whyee’s short term memory is not that good, but she often asks for me to read to her without my prompting.

All those verses are stored away deep down in her memory.

As she follows my reading and sometimes she finishes off verses, and I’m greatly encouraged.

Who’d have thought the “carer” would be boosted by a dear old lady in a care home?

Not me, but The Lord richly blesses me in spite of the outwardly unfavourable circumstances.

But godliness with contentment is great gain.

1 Timothy 6:6





4 comments on “1 Timothy 6:6”

  1. Love it! I can see the contentment and good disposition in her face.

  2. Love this – you are being a blessing to each other !!

  3. LOVELY!


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