Give me Strength

By: snowgood

Jun 06 2016

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The view from my hotel in Bunclody.

I love the old Guinness advertisements.

Roz was encouraged to drink the stuff when Joe was on the way, as it contains iron which is supposed to be good for you.

Looking at the picture again reminds me of one of my favourite books.

Les Miserables has two memorable scenes where Jean Valjean comes to the rescue with superhuman strength.

Victor Hugo’s masterpiece ranks in my top ten good reads (quite something for someone who’s not keen on our friends across la Manche).

What gives you strength?

Exercise? Self Determination? Your partner?

Thousands of  years back a fascinating young man was set apart for great things.

Samson showed those mischievous Philistines a thing or two, and most of his encounters were empowered by The Lord.

It’s all too easy to focus on where he went wrong, but his greatest exploit came after he’d been blinded and kept as curiosity for the amusement of his tormentors.

He called out to the LORD: “Lord GOD, please remember me. Strengthen me, God, just once more. With one act of vengeance, let me pay back the Philistines for my two eyes.”

Judges 16:28

That last prayer saw his strength return, and the demise of 3000.

Samson lost his life as the building came tumbling down.










2 comments on “Give me Strength”

  1. Times have certainly changed – they used to advertise it as “Guinness is good for you” as well. Mind you there does (still) seem to be some debate over whether there might be some truth in that statement.

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