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May 22 2016

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Regular readers will remember our delight at coming across the Salvation Army over Easter.

On Friday whilst out exploring I stumbled cross the Worthing Citadel.

I clocked the time of the services, and decided to pop along this morning.

What a fantastic experience.

I timed it on the week that new Mayor has been inaugurated.

Whilst most of the congregation were sporting Sally Anne garb, and the dignitaries wore their chains of office and funny hats I sat alone in my bright red cycling shirt!

Was this occasion a sop to local politics?

Not a bit of it!

We were treated to an exhortation to live Spirit filled lives, and the Mayor had passed the speaker a small book about the miraculous healing of Great, Great, Great Grandad!

So whilst many of us might imagine a trip to Lourdes with scepticism, we learnt how a dying man had been cured from TB by washing in the cold Lourdes water.

A 17 year old Youth Mayor spoke about his willingness to serve and be selfless, he appeared to have the wisdom of Solomon.

The Bible readings were from 1 Kings 3:5-12 and Titus 3:1-8.

One of the hymns was a Chudleigh favourite”Praise is Rising”, I was so thrilled with the the morning that by the end of the service “Tears were Falling” in appreciation of all that I’d enjoyed.

Praise the Lord!



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