The River Adur at Shoreham


At 3:30pm I set off for Brighton.

A distance of 15 miles.

Regrettably my bike does not feature an inbuilt Sat Nav, so found myself cycling around the “Old Fort” having gone way too far, and missed my crossing.

Heading back I explored the waterfront, including a slipway just in front of the apartments visible on the right of the photo.

Two guys were attempting to launch a tired old craft, complete with an outboard motor.

With the trailer they’d paid just £150 and were waiting for the tide to come in.

The sea was pretty choppy, and I didn’t see any life jackets.

They were friendly folk, and I was tempted top try and cadge a ride.

I told them about the Gannets and Sandwich Tern patrolling the shore, whilst they claimed they were hoping to catch mackerel, although they thought there were likely to be Herring about as well.

This picture was taken from a beautifully designed modern footbridge.

Sadly vandals had already set about destroying the safety glass in several places.

Once in Shoreham proper I sampled a superb latte at 5:25pm, before heading “home”.



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