one week on

By: snowgood

May 14 2016

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Shutter:1/0 sec

Last Saturday we invested in two new bikes.

It’s 20 years since we bought matching Specialized Crossroads, both of which have seen better days.

So at the start of “Fairweather Cycling Season” it made sense to replace them.

Mine’s an Electra Townie Balloon 8i EQ, whilst Roz has a bright pink Electra Amsterdam.

One week on I’ve clocked up 38 miles.

Highlights? Seeing my first Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock butterflies beside the Ferring Rife.

That’s a small freshwater channel just behind the building in today’s photo.

Ironically this short stretch of shingly beach is the one place where we couldn’t cycle.






One comment on “one week on”

  1. What always surprised me when I would ride my bike is how one can easily cover an area that I previously covered only in a car. It felt strange to be riding and out in the open instead of sitting inside a car. I like riding because I can dart down alleys and stop and look at flowers, or interesting objects.

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