Touring Car Action

By: snowgood

May 10 2016

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Category: Cars, Sport


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I was hoping to see the WEC sport cars at Spa, but decided to keep my costs down and stay local.

I was particularly looking forward to watching the 4 new Subarus in action.

We arrived in good time to hear Jason Plato being interviewed before the race had started.

Unfortunately there were fears that the cars might go up in flames, so they were all withdrawn.

I was gutted.

Then after several cars had blows outs in the first race (which ended in an almighty crash for Neal and Shedden outside the pits) we were robbed of loads of racing.

It was good to see Matt Neal back on form, but this wasn’t exactly the best day’s racing.

The Clio grids have improved, but the Porsche Carrera racing is not included in the schedule, and all the powerful Ginettas were sadly absent.

I’d give the events  5 out of 10.  I hope to see racing not safety cars when I’m trackside.





2 comments on “Touring Car Action”

  1. As far as I can see, this is all displacement activity from an all night game of Risk with Stuart and Dave. Time for a rematch.

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