greater things than these

By: snowgood

Apr 27 2016

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Category: Photography

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I’m currently spending a few more days on the South Coast.

Hopefully this photo will show what you’re missing.

Yesterday indistinctly chilly as I sat on a bench chomping yellow noodles and chicken, before a visit to Salvington Lodge Hospital.

I enjoyed the cloud formations, but I enjoyed reading John, 1, 2, and 3 out loud even more.

There seems to be a great richness to “The Word” when it is spoken, rather than just “inwardly digested”.

It’s even more poignant when a 90 year old (with a ¬†failing memory) chimed in word perfect – as I read out some verses.

Jesus answered and said to him,

Because I said to thee,

I saw thee under the fig-tree,

believest thou?

Thou shalt see greater things than these.

John 1:50

J N Darby



One comment on “greater things than these”

  1. That sounds like a very special moment.

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