mind the paint!

By: snowgood

Apr 25 2016

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Category: ART


I’m wondering if this is a tribute to PRINCE the eccentric performer who passed away last Friday.

Four people today were busy creating an enormous mural.

One guy was up high with a roller and green paint.

At street level the girl seen crouching was spraying paint liberally, that probably wouldn’t do any favours to the bodywork on passing cars.

I’m still “bitter” that the pop star got more media coverage than our wonderful monarch on her 90th Birthday!

As much as I liked the fake royal, I prefer the real thing.





3 comments on “mind the paint!”

  1. I also wondered if this is going to be a tribute to Prince… BTW, you will be honored to know that I went to the store and bought a birthday cake in honor of the Queen! My husband, my cousin and myself all celebrated with a nice sugary slice of chocolate cake with wonderful icing. Every time I sliced a nice helping, I shouted, ‘Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth’! I also enjoyed the family photos for the postage stamp, and the meeting of our President and little Prince George. (on another note, I found the exchange between Obama and the Mayor who made the comment about a Kenyan giving advice on the Brexit… I found it amusing, but I don’t think the Pres did.)

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