The First shall be Last

By: snowgood

Apr 24 2016

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Category: Audi, Photography, Sport

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Focal Length:250mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Here’s last Sunday’s winning car.

The all new Audi R18 driven by Marcel Fassler, Andre Lotterer and Benoit Treluyer.

When their rivals were making costly mistakes, and falling off the track these guys coped with considerable pressure from the No.2 Porsche 919, and took the chequered flag.

A few hours after the event I was back at home looking at Autosport’s race report.

Ooops! The “winning” Audi was found to have worn out “the plank” which ensures cars don’t run too low a ride height.

An entirely innocent technical infringement saw them chucked out of the race. The boys from  Ingolstadt were gutted, but decided not to appeal the scrutineers decision.

Rules are rules, no matter how the losers may feel about it.

This sorry saga reminds me of Matthew 20 where Jesus tells the parable about those who worked all day in the vineyard.

Those who put in the most effort felt offended that “the Master” chose to reward those who did the least work, although in this instance all the workers received the wages that were promised.

There’s a day coming when some of the “best dressed”will find they’re totally ineligible for the victor’s crown.

In Matthew 22  someone relies on his own merit to enter into the Lord’s celebrations.

Sadly his best efforts come unstuck, and the one who hoped to be joining in the party was unceremoniously chucked out.

In the motor racing season there’s always the next race.

In life (whether we like it or not) we are taking part in an event that may be three score years and ten, but the serious part is what happens next.

Are you ready to be scrutinised by The Lord of Lords?




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