is that the best they can do?

By: snowgood

Apr 14 2016


Category: Politics


Before Cameron made his last ditch attempt to win EU concessions I was happy to consider staying in.

A better negotiator may have won precious ground, but he secured nothing.

So let’s look at the 5 points raised by”Stronger in Europe” leaflet.

  • 3 million jobs are linked to EU exports. 27.8 million are not linked to the EU!
  • Prices. Our shopping bill would rise by less than £1.00 a day! Big Deal.
  • Business – There are 4.9 million businesses in the UK, only 200,00 trade with the EU!
  • Leaving could cost households £850 p.a. A price worth paying for home rule.
  • We get £66 million investment a day from the EU. Who says this has to stop? Japanese car manufacturing in the UK has nothing to do with the EU.


I value Mark Carney opinion, he says leaving is “the biggest risk to our financial security”.

That’s a risk worth taking.

Leaving 27 diverse nations to decide on all the crucial matters that effect this country has got be worse.

Stop the EU Gravy Train, whilst we have the chance.




2 comments on “is that the best they can do?”

  1. Interesting. I like your logic. Reminds me of the United Nations intent on encroaching on U.S. sovereignty–or rather, our President’s and Secretary of State’s dogged efforts to give it away!

  2. I guess there is one of these waiting for me when get home from Ireland this evening. I have met four people who are thinking of voting to stay in. Everyone else I have spoken with wants out.

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