Once upon a time, quite long ago there was a bookcase.

A solid wooden affair, crafted long before Mr.Ikea had invented “Flat Pack” furniture.

It came with heavy sliding glass doors, which kept the dust (and possibly small children) out.

On Friday night I gently slid back the glass, and picked out this little beauty.

My Mum bought a few of Arthur Ransome’s books for me when I was at school, and I  found this old Puffin paperback a great piece of escapism.

What’s more it isn’t one I read back in 70’s.

It reminded me of my two school trips to the Norfolk Broads, and a time when some of our number really did “get it wrong”.

One boat was beached on Breydon Water (twice) and another lost a mast and was swept out to the sea beyond Great Yarmouth.

This delightful story has an innocent sense of adventure, beautiful line drawings, and a beginners guide to sailing all wrapped in one neat little parcel.

I loved it.

Ten out Ten!



3 comments on “Escapism”

  1. I used to read Swallows and Amazons. I also had two sailing holidays on the Norfolk Broads with a Christian organisation called Venturers. 1970 and 1971 as I recall.

    • On what craft? We had a Japonica and a Hustler, the latter was much more exciting.If you went at Easter we may well have been within hailing distance – those were the years we went!

      • I don’t know what type the boats were but I have two old B&W photographs. One is from April 1970 I was on the Daffodil. The second is from 1972 (I thought I went two years in a row but evidently I didn’t) when I was on the Crestonia. I also have a commemorative medal from April 1970, which was the 25th year of the Venturers Norfolk Broads Cruise! I just remember it being great fun. The adult skippers slept on the two motor launches at night while the boys slept on the yachts.

        Venturers also arranged a three-day trip down to Portsmouth when I was about 14 in which we stayed in Naval barracks and spent a day at sea on a minesweeper (HMS Stubbington I think). A couple of years later I was at sea myself!

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