Right to Die?

Cheerful reading on a Bank Holiday weekend?

I made the most of Saturday turning the pages of this insight into the care of the elderly, assisted suicide, and euthanasia.

John Wyatt is a health care professional who knows the topics inside out, and presents the facts around euthanasia with clarity.

The tabloids give great credence to Dignitas in Switzerland, which offers a legal route out of this world…..and into the next.

Belgium, The Netherlands, and parts of the USA have made it legal to arrange “mercy killings”.

Astoundingly important matters in the press are frequently glossed over.

  • How do those left behind feel after losing a loved one?
  • Why do we assume there is no gain from suffering pain?
  • The UK has led a revolution in effective pain relief.
  • UK Hospices provide an amazing service those in their last days, weeks, and months.
  • Doctors have for centuries sworn the Hippocratic oath, assisted suicide flies in the face of that promise.
  • We are not dogs, but human beings made in the image of God.
  • What effect does assisted suicide have on the relevant medical staff in Holland?
  • During WWII a certain nation practiced euthanasia  with disastrous  consequences.
  • In nations where euthanasia is legal there has been a broadening of the remit of those to be terminated.
  • What about greedy relatives?
  • We could be creating a “new norm” where the feeble of mind and weak of body feel obliged to agree to being “bumped off’ because they feel like they are a burden.
  • Those seeking to promote “The Right to Die” deliberately twist the meaning of key words to cause confusion, and make killing people seem “nice”.

This book presents the facts clearly, and presents a better way forward for our nation.

Why not pick up a copy and examine the “other side” of the euthanasia debate?





3 comments on “Right to Die?”

  1. That would be interesting to read, and I agree with the points you have mentioned. I’ve thought about the ‘right to die’ many times over the years. I’ve heard health care professionals say that no one need suffer in pain near the end of death, and then I know two people personally who were with someone I knew who died from terminal cancer, and both told me, “It wasn’t pretty”. I know God does not want us to take our own lives, and I know taking another’s life is wrong also, but I am not sure what I would want for myself if I were in horrendous pain and suffering. I can see how in this country with our ‘Obama care’ plan, the future doesn’t look so good for the ‘oldsters’ who will be deemed a burden. I believe pain alleviation will be withheld from the terminally ill for economic reasons, at the least. I think our government will be happy to be rid of the old, sick, and dying and will provide a convenient little pill.

  2. Human beings have rights. They own their lives, not you or their relatives or the people who love them. So therefore, they should be allowed to end their life whenever they feel like it in a painless, clean way.

    Is that too much to ask?

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