The Girl on the Train

Forty years ago I had a Saturday job in Debenhams of Oxford Street. I enjoyed my time selling Continental Quilts, and the chance to spend a few quid in the Record Department.

I wasn’t the sort to follow the latest band news in Melody maker, but remembered one of my school mates playing a fantastic cassette during our metalwork lessons.

What was it?  Deep Purple perhaps?

On this particular occasion I couldn’t wait to get home and play Storm Bringer on my record deck.


It was awful.

My mistake, I’d heard Pink Floyd ,but bought Deep Purple!

Last week I had a re-run of this type of faux pas.

Hundreds of miles from home I decided I needed company to help me with the M6 tedium.

I stopped at a Motorway service station looking for a suitable book.

I spotted several potential CD sets, and was pretty certain that “The Girl on the Train” was written by whoever had penned “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

I fancied a fast moving thriller, so handed over my plastic.


This is a slow moving novel, with incredibly dark overtones.

What’s more the whole shebang is nigh on ELEVEN hours long.

As I headed south I was surprised by the absence of any fast moving action.

Some “bird’ was just recounting what she’d seen from the train.

Slowly the listener (reader) becomes aware of the fact that “Rachel” is not in a good place.

Her life is a total shambles.

Hey Hup, along comes another mixed up young girl.  She’s appears to be hardly any better off than Rachel.

Then there’s Anna, who a scheming kinda gal, who gets what she wants.

So obviously I got progressively  more depressed as I listened in?

Nope!  I was really glad I stuck with it.

Some reviewers have panned this suggesting all three characters are “low life’, but for me it was a window into another world.

It helped me understand the struggles that some folk face (on a less sinister level).

Unlike my LP in Seventies I’m glad I bought this set of 9 CDs.

As an audio book I’d give it 8 out of 10, but I confess I’d never have made it to the end if I’d read it page by page.













2 comments on “The Girl on the Train”

  1. I bought that book from our library. If I’d had the time to stick with it, I would have. Yes, it was dark, violent and a tad strange, and I was confused with the female characters… who was who? I ended up dropping it in the trash and figured I’d donated 50 cents to our library. Maybe I would have fared better with the audio version.

    • Somebody else is doing the hard bit – and there were three narrators – if you know any alcoholics it would help you understand them!

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