£34 million Car Showroom!

By: snowgood

Mar 22 2016

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After a night in Wootton Bassett I slid behind the wheel and pressed the ignition switch.


An orange light came on.

A message came up on the instrument panel.

Drivers Side Dipped Beam failure.

You ignore these at you peril.

There’s Three Penalty Points if you’re caught with faulty lights.

So after doing my calls in Swindon I headed off to Cooper Reading.


I only needed a new bulb, but was personally greeted by a skinny girl before I’d hardly got through the door.

After confirming my earlier telephone booking I was offered coffee.

After taking a taxi to my last call of the day I returned to give this BMW dealership a proper once over.

I’m gobsmacked.

The service agent told me this is the UK’s biggest BMW dealership, and it cost £34,000,000 to build.

The top floor has 200 used cars to choose from, and there department store escalators between the three floors.

Who’s paying for this?

Presumably “Brand Conscious” mugs who have to be seen in the right car, and punters like me who simply need a good sat nav to get them from call to call.

Think about the likely return on investment.

Will it take 5 years, 10?

I’ve no idea, but it frightens me to think car buying has reached such dizzy heights.






2 comments on “£34 million Car Showroom!”

  1. Agreed. And pick up trucks here are big status symbols for men, for ranchers and cowboys (and wannabe ranchers and cowboys!) A person could buy a modest house for what some of these are costing.

    • Hopefully the older we get the more we realise that we are just pawns in a Globalised consumer world. Would I be happier living on a tiny remote island, and no car? You bet I would!

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