The BIG EGO Trip

Three Sundays ago I was in Sevenoaks listening to a presentation on “Self Image” given by Glynn Harrison.

Despite a pile of unread books at home the speaker was so compelling that I “had to buy the book”.

I’ve just finished this remarkably accessible tome which would resonate with many people of my age an d over.

The book starts out exploring the roots of society’s love affair with the “Self Esteem movement”.

Spolier Alert.

It’s a hoax at best, and it actually harms individuals and the wider society.

But don’t take my word for it.

Grab a copy from your local book shop or on line.

Stick with it well into the latter chapters, and see how “The Church” has capitulated to “do gooders” who want you to feel good about yourself.

Carry on through to the end as see where things have gone wrong, and how we can pick ourselves up from society’s Me Me Malaise.

I’d give it at least 9 out of 10.




One comment on “The BIG EGO Trip”

  1. Always good to get a recommendation. But I also have a pile of unread/part read books!

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