Reclaiming the truth

By: snowgood

Feb 02 2016

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Category: GOD, Photography, Politics

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Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Did you hear David Cameron “bigging up”his new draft “deal” with the European Union?

I dared to believe for a moment that his “tough talking” might have netted a result.

An hour or so later the BBC news had a sceptic belittling Cameron’s so called break through.

By the afternoon BBC experts were pouring cold water on the P.M.’s euphoria.

It’s probably best to spend time pondering who, and what to believe.

Then tonight I was reading Leviticus.

It’s tempting to skip through all the bloodshed, and sacrifice, but the facts and offerings are recorded for a purpose.

As a follower of Christ it’s incumbent upon me to see what His word says, and learn.

I’ve come to realise I can often put more faith in what I learn from The Bible than I can in what I hear from the pulpit.

Think of it this way.  A diamond has many polished sides that reflect the light.  Jesus stated “I am the Light of the world’.

However ask your average parishioner to describe what he understands about God, and he’ll almost undoubtedly just say “He’s a God of love”. A one dimensional view, but what is love?

C.S. Lewis wrote about the Four Loves, so perhaps one 4 letter could cause confusion.

Tonight I read how  Leviticus 9.4 “Today the Lord will appear to you”, and that’s just what happens in verse 24.

Fire comes out from The Lord’s presence and consumes the offerings.

The people shout for Joy and fall facedown, in a mixture of reverence and fear.

The passage reminds me “Our God IS a consuming fire”.

Let’s appreciate Him, and give Him due respect.






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