No Way Down – Graham Rowley

Here’s a book I got over Christmas.

Graham Bowley tells the story of 24 climbers who sought reach the summit of second highest peak in the world.

To the purist the 28,250ft K2 represents a bigger challenge than Everest (which has been climbed by over 4000 people).

“No Way Down” describes how 22 men and 2 women attempt to ascend the heights of a mountain that claims the lives of one in four climbers.

The reader is taken on a journey through the history of the mountain, and gets an insight onto the medical and psychological effects of high altitude climbing.

Is it any good?

You bet. After three busy days on the road I stayed up until 1:30am each morning avidly turning each page.

My rating?

9 out of 10.

P.S. Only eighty people have made it up K2, and less have come back.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted a google link to a site that will allow experienced climbers to join an expedition for just £14,800!





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