Speed Reader

By: snowgood

Jan 24 2016

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I’m just back from Paris.

Spare the wisecracks.

I was at an exhibition miles away from the city centre.

On this trip I used the Eurostar high speed train.

The one that does 186mph through Northern France and the Kent countryside.

Travelling after dark there was little indication that we were moving at speed, and then I spot this screen directly above my head.

What’s more we were hovering between 295-298 km/h for much of the journey.

How did I miss the screen?

I had my head buried in a Joanna Trollope book, “Other People’s Children”.

After reading “Balancing Act” last year (which had a slow lumbering start) I found this story far more convincing.

The way this book chronicled the relationships between “broken” families was utterly believable.

I finished it before getting back to St.Pancras, which was a mercy as I accidentally left it on the train in my haste to get home.






2 comments on “Speed Reader”

  1. This must be one of the new trains. A nice touch to see the speed you are going at. I suspect the top speed they are permitted to do is 300 kmp/h so I guess the drivers have to be especially careful not to exceed that now that they know if they do it will be broadcast all around the carriage! It’s a good service, Eurostar.

    • The train coming back was far better than the one on my outbound journey. With signalling issues locally the only way I could get my early departure was to spend £123 and stay in the Euston Road for my 7:05 check in. So in reality the trip was way more expensive than planned.

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