mysterious ways

By: snowgood

Jan 18 2016

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In recent years I’ve read my Bible on a daily plan, with notes.

This year I’m doing something different, and started at Genesis and reading through to Revelation.

The theme I’m coming across in Genesis, and now in Exodus is that The Lord works in mysterious ways.

He picks flawed and unlikely people to be his ambassadors, a sceptic might imagine the stories in the Pentateuch were written by Hans Christian Andersen.

None of us chose when or where we should be born, but if any of us could we’d struggle to arrive at such a moment in history as Moses.

As a boy in Egypt he was doomed.  He was no better than a girl under Maoist’s one child policy.

As much as his natural mother wanted him the State said no.

So she obeys the edict of the day and casts him into the Nile, but with the feeble hope that he might live!

He gets his very own “ark” made of papyrus, and tar.

Who saves him?

One of the Royal clan, one of Pharaoh’s very own! Remarkably the hatred of one Egyptian is overridden by the compassion of another.

Someone under the death sentence is plucked out if the water.  The women of Pharaoh’s are depicted here, the story still amazes thousands of years later.

Can you see the “type” in this scene?

Do you have any idea what i’m talking about?

Why not read the passages yourself, just click the link here.






2 comments on “mysterious ways”

  1. It’s wonderful the way God works, He truly works in mysterious ways! Great post. 🙂

    • Thanks Seyi, it’s important to keep fresh by reading the scriptures rather than simply thinking we know God (and muddling up The Way with our own feelings).

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