Family outing (sans Joe)

By: snowgood

Dec 31 2015


Category: Children, Christmas, family, National Trust, Photography, Wakehurst Place


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Howdy folks.

The last day of the year, and things still aren’t quite right in The Biggs Household.

Elijah’s two days on from his latest G.O.S.H. appointment.

The treatment still leaves him emotionally strained.

By late morning today it seemed like a good idea for an “out of Rufwood” experience.

I got a personal invite from the wee man to join everyone on a trip to Wakehurst.

But Daddy wasn’t able to come.


Joe has had terrible pains in his side since we started the holiday break, and took himself off to hospital on Christmas day.

He was told to put up with the (severe) discomfort and come back in a week if necessary.

On Tuesday he couldn’t stand it anymore and went off to East Surrey once again.

He’s been on a drip, and didn’t recall my subsequent visit.

The wheels are turning slowly, but hopefully we’ll see him fixed soon.

Here’s a few photos of our Wakehurst visit.

We had a great time, playing Hide and Seek, and in “The Coffee Shop” where the three kids ate well.

Poor litlle Elijah was very distressed by the time we went home.

Everyone else probably thought we struggling with an unruly child, but the reality is the little soldier was battling with chemo.

A few minutes later all three were fast asleep on the ride home.





4 comments on “Family outing (sans Joe)”

  1. Sorry to hear about Joe and Elijah

  2. The healing virtue of Jesus flow over Elijah and cancel the negative effects of chemo. Favor, favor, favor of God for Joe. Cause of pain resolved, with Joe enjoying the New Year. Abundant blessings to the whole family from God!

  3. sorry about the illnesses and events. glad you were able to get out and enjoy some things.

    • Thank you to all well wishers. I was reading this morning – Let everything that has breath praise The Lord. Psalm 150 v6. We still have breath, so we need to be thankful. I just picked up Joe from hospital, they seem to wants as many beds as possible tonight, and will take him in again in the next few days to operate and try to draw conclusions as to what is going on.

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