Psalm 138

By: snowgood

Dec 20 2015

Category: Life, Scripture


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec



It’s Elijah.

I can hear he’s not well.

Nancy’s up.

The new norm, a disturbed night.

Taliah wakes up and starts crying.

Joe gets dressed.

The gruff diesel grumble disturbs the cul-de-sac as an ambulance arrives 20 minutes later.

A calm medic walks down the drive.

15 minutes later the little lad is on his way to “hospital”.

Only Tizzy is unaware of what’s going on (for now).

The theoretical finishing line is six months away.

All participants are exhausted.

Ironically it’s probably the little soldier who’s coping better than supporting cast.

Give Thanks with a grateful heart.

  1. The NHS is still delivering 3 years after this chapter started.
  2. Taliah’s quiet now.
  3. Elijah makes no fuss as he’s put into the ambulance.
  4. Joe keeps calm.
  5. East Surrey Hospital will have a private room ready in approximately twenty minutes.
  6. All the grown ups had an hours uninterrupted sleep.
  7. My new camera has just been repaired, and I can record what it’s like in the “storm”.

Psalm 138

1 I will give You thanks with all my heart;
I will sing Your praise before the heavenly beings.
2 I will bow down toward Your holy temple
and give thanks to Your name
for Your constant love and truth.
You have exalted Your name
and Your promise above everything else.
On the day I called, You answered me;
You increased strength within me.

Lord, help us to live out verse 3.


5 comments on “Psalm 138”

  1. United in prayer for our grandson on both sides of the ocean. Thank you Lord that you answer when we call.

    • Thanks, he looked so sweet when I picked him up at 4:30am and he trotted out to the car. He’s not 100%, but soon dozed off in his car seat. Hoping he can settle down now with a bottle of milk.

  2. Our love and prayers are with you all. Such a brave battle being fought by you all, may God continue to strengthen and comfort you.

  3. We had a couple of middle of the night trips to hospital with our kids when they were growing up but never on such a prolonged basis. Praying for you and the family.

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