He Chose the Nails

I was given this Max Lucado book nearly a year ago, and it sat staring at me on my bedside table.

Any day now I might be asked how I enjoyed it, so over the last few days I’ve read a chapter at a time in between taking my turn son Words with Friends.

The first few chapters rather grated, with American style bordering on irreverence, but after the first 4 chapters things got better.

If you haven’t guessed the author tracks the events of one humble man at Easter.  The book was inspired by a small gift from a Russian the author never met.

The gift? Three nails and a barbed wire crown.

I guess we all like to receive a gift, so I can understand the author using this one as his prompt to pen a short book.

Earlier this year I was given a cross hand made for me in gratitude for a prison visit.  I hadn’t expected it, but I’m guessing the love of Christ on the cross compels some sort if response.

That and a short letter from another disadvantaged inmate were perhaps two of the finest gifts I’ll ever receive.

So whilst I’m not going to recommend you rush out and buy the book let me ask my readers “What was the most precious gift you ever received, and why?”

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

2 Corinthians 9:15




10 comments on “He Chose the Nails”

  1. I have read a couple of Max Lucado books and enjoyed them, Gifts that have meant the most to me are those that have been precious and personal to the giver. Those are the gifts I have kept and cherished.

  2. The most precious gift I have ever received was a small block of chocolate from one of the boys in one of my classes. He was a Vietnamese refugee and I know they had no money. But the card that came with was written in Gold.

    • That’s a brilliant story. I have a friend who teaches missionaries in poorer countries, and sometimes gets to visit “the local saints”. He once called on a dear old lady who had virtually nothing in her humble abode, apart from a tiny vase. Making conversation (through an interpreter) he commented how lovely her vase was, whereupon she promptly gave him the only thing of value she had in her entire home! That’s precious. Thanks for sharing your story – it’s a blessing.

      • I have a real story of a saint. I hope you have time to read it.

      • Interesting _ i just typed an emails applauding someone for just getting on and doing what the Lord taught, rather than spending week after week in a Home Group debating the finer points of Bible teaching. This lady got in one!

      • Exactly! The waffle that goes on in debating fine points and the simple truth is so obvious. In fact going back to your first question – meeting that lady was one of the best presents I had.

      • I just read 1 John 5:3 – This is love for God. To obey His commands. – I think that says it all really.

      • You know, that old lady would not have read that verse. She would have heard a Greek Orthodox priest read it in Church and reacted the way she did. And how often do we in the Protestant Churches think that those old Churches have got it all wrong.

      • quite often, but I have only ever been physically beaten in a (Russian) Orthodox Church! All because I asked question….

      • PS. Feel free to use that story any way you like.

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