With God on the Streets

Here’s a book I didn’t think I’d like, but thoroughly enjoyed.

When a friend in Devon loaned it to me he couldn’t have imagined I knew three of the characters in the first few chapters.

The author was brought up just a few miles from my parent’s home in Surrey, and friends who used to preach at the Vale Gospel Hall in Coulsdon helped him with key decisions early in his adult life.

Robin Oake traces his steps from being a Bobby on the Beat, through to being the Chief Constable of Britain’s most successful Police Force on The Isle of Man.

Here’s a man I admire, who rose to the top because his of his selfless character. He sought to share his faith with all and sundry, and led many to Christ, often with enormously positive consequences.

He also touches on some wonderful times with members of The Royal Family, and the loss of his son (also a police officer) who laid down his life to save his friends.

No one has greater love than this,

that someone would lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13









2 comments on “With God on the Streets”

  1. Oh well fancy that…you’d know some of the characters …were they once the dark And shady sort!….now reformed :0) >

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