A lesson from a little crawler

By: snowgood

Nov 04 2015


Category: Children, family, Life


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I walked in from work this evening, and made my way into the kitchen.

A few moments later little Taliah came crawling to met me.

For someone so small that was quite some crawl.

She made it to my feet and looked up, effectively asking me to pick her up.

How cute is that?

Various involuntary thoughts flooded in.

That determined crawl, and confident approach spoke of trust.

How wonderful that one so small would approach the towering figure in the kitchen.

Inevitably I’m drawn to ponder the emotions of The Lord when one of his “little children” makes those tentative first steps towards Him (in response to Holy Spirit’s overtures).

I remember days when I literally skipped down the street overawed at how the Son of God cared about me.

No doubt Taliah will grow to be a fine young girl, and “Grandad” will command less attention.

My awe and reverence for Jesus needn’t grow dim.

The obstacle which standing in my way is pride.

These last few weeks I’ve marvelled at the faithful service of Jeremiah who was chucked into a well just because he spoke the (unpopular) truth.

Jeremiah set aside his own wishes to be a faithful servant of The Lord.

Will I?

Followers of Christ would do well to stay on their knees rather than lift themselves up (inviting a fall).











2 comments on “A lesson from a little crawler”

  1. Is it Pride or are we afraid of the things we might need to change.

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