TT watercolour

I feel like I’m back at school.

Photography is fun, but beginners make my efforts look amateur.

This Autumn I’ve decided to spend time with pencil and paper.

My earlier TT effort was reasonably pleasing, so I thought I’d try a  touch of colour.

It’s been about 8 years since I last attempted a painting.

As per usual I haven’t invested in any on line tutorials, but just dived in and given it a go.

I’ve learnt  a bit about mixing colours, and enjoyed going off piste.

My real inspiration this time was seeing Roger Dean talking about his YES album covers and artworks whilst we were near Sheffield Park yesterday.

One last thought.

At least I’m spared scathing comments from Brian Sewell who passed away to an uncertain future a ew months back.




2 comments on “TT watercolour”

  1. I remember Roger Dean album covers – and the posters we used to buy in Woolworths! I used to carry some with me to decorate my cabins at sea. One of my favourites was the cover to the Osibisa album Woyaya.

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