in concert

By: snowgood

Oct 26 2015

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Category: music


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Please note – New format on this blog for Jan 2016 means that only one photo per post can be viewed.

Here’s my latest attempts at low light photography.

We’re talking “Richard Hawley” at The Brighton Dome.

Not that we spent the whole night indoors.  The supporting act didn’t warrant our attention so we set out to find a coffee shop.

They were all closed.  So we went without.

The Dome is a fabulous venue, but the “operatives” don’t like fancy cameras.

I got a caution on the way on the way in, and rattled of 2 dozen shots before being asked to stop.

Whilst I enjoyed several songs the event was spoilt by the volume being too high. I think the production tendency these days is towards volume rather than audibility.  Personally I like to hear the words, and I don’t “get it” when you can’t distinguish each word. I must be getting old!

Out on the streets we met several beggars, looked with sadness at several folk dossing down in shop fronts, and saw numerous Rozzers pulling up motorists for minor misdemeanours.



5 comments on “in concert”

  1. I like to be able to make out the words too!

    Surprised at the police presence. We rarely see them in our neck of the woods. And they rarely seem to see offences. Just yesterday in a rare sighting of a police vehicle waiting at the lights the officer totally ignored an idiot crashing the red light in front of her. I would have thought that that was worth a nicking!

  2. I must be getting old too. Way back when we had good music the music seemed to lift the words up so you could hear what the song was saying. Now they either mumble of the volume is way over the top. Actually I quite like “Passenger” I can hear all his words.

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