Two Deer

We’ve been down to the woods today.

Owlbeech and Leechpool Woods in Horsham.

The woods merge into one large park, and I’ve been meaning to go for months.

It may be drab and grey, but I’m glad we went.

There are several walks available, but we chose the longest, a complete circuit of the area.

In places we came across busy Nuthatches, Tits, and Goldcrest.

Green Woodpeckers laughed in the middle distance.  Right at the northern tip of Owlbeech we spotted Red Deer behind high wire fences.

A stag looked at us intently from about 100 yards away, then squeezed under a low fence to join his mates in the next field.

Perhaps this is the herd that supports the venison burgers in Horsham market?

Further on we were amongst the murky foliage of Leechpool Woods when I saw a wild young buck. I’m guessing we were fifty yards away, and we sat there staring each other out, until a lady with dogs came along our path.

The young Fallow Deer slipped away into undergrowth.

The former sighting was a pleasant, but the chance to see the latter was infinitely more satisfying.


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