Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust – Barnes

By: snowgood

Oct 04 2015

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Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Apologies for deleting most of the photos on this page,

from 03/01/2016 I am going back to the

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After a particularly encouraging service at All Saints we decided to take advantage of the fine weather and visit Barnes.

We’ve been members of Wildlife and Wetland Trust for years, but seldom visit.  Today we flashed our tickets at the desk and saved £25.

Once inside we looked at various impressive Lego exhibits, and caught up with the Asian Short Toed Otters at feeding time.

I really enjoyed watching the Hawkers that clattered in and out of the tall grass with a remarkable disregard for iPads and photographers at close range.

The Reservoir Lagoon looked splendid with numerous properties creating an incongruous backdrop as I scanned the reeds for birds.

There’s plenty to engage kids, and fascinate adults with an afternoon to spare.

I was thrilled to see this Sparrowhawk at relatively close range, and then surprised to see it mobbed by angry Black Headed Gulls.

There’s plenty of boisterous Ring Neck Parakeets in central London, and I took the chance to photograph them.

I’ll try not to leave it too long before I go back.


8 comments on “Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust – Barnes”

  1. are the parakeets escapees?

    • Hello Joy, yes and no. A few escaped in the Beckenham/Croydon area about 30 years back, and multiplied in number. Now they are widespread throughout London – 5000 roosting at various sites (notably 2500 at outside Wormwood Scrubs prison). I’ve only ever seen two in our village.

  2. Not been for years – enjoyed the post!

  3. A great shot of the hawk. Good shooting there.

    • Thanks I was delighted . I’m guessing Australia is on the cusp of greatness with your new leader?

      • Anyone is bound to be better that Tony Abbott. Except that the political cartoons are not as entertaining.

      • I’ve really enjoyed the cartoons and captions covering Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour party. He’s the perfect candidate for satirical magazines.

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